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Welcome to our site!  Take off your shoes and stay awhile.....
~ Neighborhood News ~
Heavy Trash Pickup
Posted on Feb 24th, 2017
BVOA was notified by the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management that the county will not provide heavy trash pickup due to the limited scope of the damage.
WCA will pick up heavy trash that complies to their standards on regularly scheduled trash days.
Items need to be bundled weighing less than 40 lb and no longer than 4’.

~ Events ~

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~ Announcements ~
Roof / Fence Information
By on March 13, 2017
The roofs of all buildings on the Property shall be constructed or covered with asphalt dimensional composition shingles or fiberglass composition shingles with a minimum manufacturer guarantee of twenty (20) ; years, which must be of the color and style commonly referred to as 'Weatherwood'' and manufactured by Elk Prestige I, or equivalent approved by the Committee. The color of any replacement shingles, if the original color shall become unavailable, shall be subject to written approval by the Architectural Control Committee prior to installation. The roofs of all buildings shall contain a roof pitch of not less than four inches (4") per each vertical twelve inches (12") of roof. Roofs on attached porches may have a lesser pitch as may be determined by the Committee.

No wall, fence or hedge shall be erected or maintained nearer to the front Lot line than ten feet (10') behind the front building line on such Lot, nor on a Comer Lot nearer to the side Lot line than the building line parallel to the side street. No side or rear fence, wall or hedge shall be more than six feet (6') in height from the Declararion for Bruzos Village, Section One (I) Page 18 of 511 Grading Plan for the Lot, except for street and perimeter fences selected by the Developer or the Association which may be eight feet (8') in height. All fences must be constructed of wood, concrete, ornamental wrought iron, or masonry. No chain link fence type construction will be permitted on any Lot. Any wall, fence or hedge, except for Subdivision perimeter walls, and boulevard walls erected on a Lot by Declarant, or its assigns, shall pass ownership with title to the Lot and it shall be Owner's responsibility to maintain said wall, fence or hedge thereafter.

Six foot (6') high wood fences shall be installed between all Lots and enclosing the rear yard on all Lots except where Association alternative materials have been herein specified Wood fences shall be constructed "good neighbor style", (alternating panels) using six inch (6) notched cedar pickets with a minimum of three (3) rails of two inch (2") x four inch (4") treated wood and four inch (4") x four inch (4") treated wood posts at a maximum spacing of eight feet (8') on center. All wood fences shall be constructed using galvanized nails, six (6) per picket minimum. Wood fences that face any street shall have all pickets facing the street. The Committee may specify that wood fences facing a street be stained a particular color. All wood fences shall be subject to Committee approval prior to construction.

All fences herein shall be maintained in good condition at all times by the Owner of the Lot. The Association is granted an easement over and across any Lot upon which a fence or wall owned by the Developer or the Association is constructed for the purpose of maintenance or replacement.


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